Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NOW WHAT? Are we screwed???

So it seems that they got the votes needed to pass their so called Health Care Bill. I hope all Americans, the huge percentage of us who did not want this monstrosity of a PORK filled, pay back for votes, cowards way out bill, remember their Congressman and Senators when they run for office again and vote the lilly livered self serving slugs out of office once and for all. They showed us all what our; WE THE PEOPLES wishes mean to them. I won't say anymore except how do you think it will feel having the IRS with power to act as the presidents own personal secret police/henchmen??? Think about that!!!

About the grooming of my Yorkies. Had them done today by a Mobile Groomer and they did very well. They look just as cute as they can possibly be. So all my worry was for nothing, sigh!

How many of you that will bother to answer this inquiry have a good relationship with your sibblings? Are they near to you or do they live far away?

I am going out to my pool now and get some much needed sunshine, and try to forget for awhile anyway how mad I am and how violated I feel by this President, Reed and Pelosi and all the rest of the boot lickers. Oh well, NO use worrying about the future until it gets here.

God help us all!

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