Friday, September 17, 2010



When this kind of cooler weather comes to the desert as fall begins to surface, some of my friends and I like to go camping on the weekends. I was just reading in an outdoors magazine that The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association estimates 34 million Americans go camping annually. It's fairly inexpensive, and the whole family can enjoy time together. We all leave any games etc. at home. We play cards, checkers and word games. With a little planning, some gear, and a sense of adventure, camping can be a great way to spend any weekend.

Before heading out be sure to familiarize every camper with the campground rules, such as those regarding fires, pets, and vehicles. And don't forget the First Aid kit.

Remember to tell someone at home where you'll be camping and when you will return, even if not far from city limits.

Necessities, of which water seems obvious, but take into account the number of campers, weather, and activity levels. Note whether portable water will be availabe and decide how you'll clean cooking utensils. You should NEVER clean items in the river or a stream. Next is to make sure you pack for each camper a multi-tool knife, a lantern or flashlight, bugspray, sunscreen, a map of the area and well charged cell phones. You can go to a nationwide campground operator for a list of other must-haves, including the all important tent and sleeping bags. Be careful how much stuff you pack as some campgrounds do not allow you to drive onto the campgrounds, you have to park the vehicle and walk the rest of the way which can be quite a far distance when loaded down with gear.

Expect to see wildlife, and enjoy it. They usually won't bother you if you leave them alone. In fact bring along binoculars and a camera. Always follow the essential rule for the out of doors and never feed wild animals. Ans make sure everything you brought in, leaves with you.

This is the part I hate but it must be done or you'll be sorry next year. . .

Dry out tents, tarps or anything else that may have gotten wet. Record your trip, note wildlide delicious wild type meals, and funny moments. (optional)

This is also optional but a couple of us who can shot well carry a pistol with us just in case. One year we encountered a starving, wounded racoon who was viciously trying to attack anyone of us that moved. He was shot, it was him or one of us. We saved the body and reported to the Game Warden as we were leaving. You never know, and it is always; "better to be safe than sorry."

I am all packed and ready to go. This will be Sassy, my Chihuahua's first camping trip. It should prove very interesting, her being the size of a squirrel with the temperment of a mountain lion!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Boggled Mind today...

Well here I sit starring at the computer screen fingers on the keys with no idea what to write. I had several ideas but my hands just don't want to type what is in my head. I believe it's because my thoughts are so scrambled lately, so please bear with me as I surf through my brain for something to put down...

One, I am happy to be following my 89 year old Uncle John Thomas with his very first blog he calls VIEW FROM MY WINDOW. You can take a peek too by going to: He is an interesting, well traveled individual. He spent nearly 30 years in the United States Air Force serving his country, and he's just written a book about his experiences. Look out ladies, this silver haired gent is quite a hand full...

Next, I received the most interesting email today regarding the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. The email stated that this man is a hero and should govern America and Canada as well. I found that quite a statement but after having read the artilce I agreed 100% and immediately went to Twitter/Facebook to spread the word. This man stood up tall and told the Muslims that if they didn't like Australia and her laws, to go somewhere else and that he would not be blackmailed the way these Muslims threats are blackmailing America and Canada and our wimpy/weak leaders. It made me sick after reading all that we have done to accomodate these interlopers into our countries. Check around on line and you should be able to find the articles. God Bless, and Bravo to KEVIN RUDD, Prime Minister of Australia...

I am not generally a person who gets involvewd in politics even though I read everything and watch the major TV stations. I do have friends where I once worked in Washington, D.C. at The Washington Times newspaper. I get a lot of scuttle-butt from friends there even before it is on the news. I am passionate about my country and hate what is being done to it by those who swore to protect it. The sooner we get rid of O'Bama and his butt kissing czars the better it will be for us all!!! That's all I am going to say about that!

The weather here in the Nevada desert has changed dramatically. It is not going above the 90's in the daytime and goes down into the 70's and 60's at night. Fall and Winter are the best months here. I look forward to those two seasons and some of early Spring, but definitely not summertime, yuk!!!

I am trying to make the best of growing older. I never thought about it much before the years began to fly by! I have been in a real funk of late when I realized I am virtually alone, my fault as I was the one to marry and move away from my girlhood home. If I died tomorrow there would be no one standing by to mourn my passing. Pretty bad when all one has to look forward to after living a very interesting, full life is to die alone. Hey don't get me wrong, hopefully there are still some good years in this old gal. Heck my mom, bless her heart, is 90 and going strong. and her sister, my Aunt June is 91. They are both the most remarkable women. Their brother is my Uncle John mentioned above.

I would love to move back to the Midwest near a lake so I can go fishing and walk in the rain. I have always missed the changing seasons...

Well for someone who didn't have anything to say, this is quite something. No wonder my friends in cyber space call me Chatty Lady...

See you all next time, and if anyone has a place in the Midwest near water let me know, I would leave here gladly in a heartbeat!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Things to ask yourself about...


Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are almost dead?

Why do banks charge a fee on 'insufficient funds' when they already know there is not enough money?

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars; but have to check when you tell them the paint is still wet?

Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?

Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when someone throws a revolver at him?

Why do Kamikazie pilots wear helmets?

If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use, the bubbles are always clear?

Is there ever a day that mattresses are NOT on sale?

Why do people return to the refrigerator umteen times a night, is it in hopes something new to eat will have materialized?

Why is it that no plastic bag will ever open from the end you try first?

How do all the dead bugs get into those enclosed light fixtures?

In winter why do we try to keep the house as warm as in summer when we complained about the heat?

How come we never hear father-in-law jokes?

The statistics on sanity is that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illiness. Think of your three best friends - if they're okay, then it's you!!!!

A day without a smile is a day wasted. . .