Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SASSY GIRL arrives...

I got so tired of being sad, crying, mopping around and feeling guilty about my Yorkies, Reeta and Rosee's death, I finally just got mad. Not at anyone in particular and if the facts were faced in a adult fashion, my two girls had everything any dogs could want, beautiful home, plenty of food, (people food too) they loved to eat. They were loved 24/7 and spoiled rotten. Unfortunately we all have to leave this earth when our time comes, even our pets, and their time came. They had a good long life (13 years) and are in doggie heaven where the grass is always green and the water is icy cold the way they like it.

Anyway I decided to give another dog the same kind of a life and give myself an adorable new little someone to love and then it happened I saw her face on line and she was right here in Nevada too!!! Oh my and what a face it is. I thought of her name the minute I saw her in action, she is no bigger than a minute with the emense energy of a hurricane, and the most beautiful colors of chocolate, tan and white. I'm calling her Sassy Girl... The name fits her, she has been with me now for 6 days and already runs me and the house. Investigates everything and tastes it as well. Too funny... Maybe she should be called Sherlock?

Sassy Girl is a Teacup Chihuahua and should top the scales at about 2/4 pounds. She is an explosion of love and puppy kisses that boggles the mind. I had forgotten how much fun a puppy can be and one this tiny can't, so won't destroy anything in my home. That's a plus! I once had a Doberman that ate both a Grandmothers and Grandfathers (that's what they were called then, one high back, one lower back) blue velvet chairs in a single afternoon, wood and all. Apprently he hated being left home alone. Geesh!!!!

So anyway that's my happy news, and as soon as I can figure out how I will post her picture. I am so technically inept and it really ticks me off.

I hope all's well in your part of the world. The sun is shining brightly now in mine.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Searching for Love...

It's been awhile now since I lost my adorable Yorkies, Reeta and Rosee. I am still sad on occasion but much less than before and even feeling more like the old me, and believe me old is what I am becoming.

I have been combing the local Nevada animal shelter and rescue groups for a new little friend to love. I would love to have a small Chihuahua. A Chihuahua was the very first dog I ever owned. I was sixteen and bought her with my own money; earned as a carhop at A&W Root Beer Drive-in. Her name was Lady and she was fawn colored. I have owned many dogs since then but always loved those sassy little Chihuahuas.

Ever heard the saying: If it can go wrong, it will? Well put that saying to music and it would be my theme song, I kid you not. Listen to this and tell me you don't agree with me...

I began searching the local shelters in person and on the computer and found a local breeder but of course she had just sold her last teacup Chihuahua, so then I decided to stick with shelter dogs and give one a home. The one I found was an adorable 8 week old Chihuahua female pictured on the adoption page of The Animal Foundation in Vegas.

I called first thing the next day to go and see her close up and personal only to be informed that she was part of a 'confiscation' of dogs due to a cruelty case and she should not have been on the adoption page at all, that she was in the nursery getting special care.

It's been weeks later as of today and today was told she was being evaluated to see if she might be able to be put up for adoption and come home with me. She is very shy and shakes at the sight of people. I can't even imagine what kind of cruel jackass would abuse a small puppy and how she was abused. Apparently she is healthy as per the vet so maybe I will never know. But as far as friendly goes she will soon see that most people at least all she will ever come in contact with are sweet, kind and loving people. I will spoil her rotten...and love her to pieces.

All I need now for when she comes home is a name, any suggestions???