Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SASSY GIRL arrives...

I got so tired of being sad, crying, mopping around and feeling guilty about my Yorkies, Reeta and Rosee's death, I finally just got mad. Not at anyone in particular and if the facts were faced in a adult fashion, my two girls had everything any dogs could want, beautiful home, plenty of food, (people food too) they loved to eat. They were loved 24/7 and spoiled rotten. Unfortunately we all have to leave this earth when our time comes, even our pets, and their time came. They had a good long life (13 years) and are in doggie heaven where the grass is always green and the water is icy cold the way they like it.

Anyway I decided to give another dog the same kind of a life and give myself an adorable new little someone to love and then it happened I saw her face on line and she was right here in Nevada too!!! Oh my and what a face it is. I thought of her name the minute I saw her in action, she is no bigger than a minute with the emense energy of a hurricane, and the most beautiful colors of chocolate, tan and white. I'm calling her Sassy Girl... The name fits her, she has been with me now for 6 days and already runs me and the house. Investigates everything and tastes it as well. Too funny... Maybe she should be called Sherlock?

Sassy Girl is a Teacup Chihuahua and should top the scales at about 2/4 pounds. She is an explosion of love and puppy kisses that boggles the mind. I had forgotten how much fun a puppy can be and one this tiny can't, so won't destroy anything in my home. That's a plus! I once had a Doberman that ate both a Grandmothers and Grandfathers (that's what they were called then, one high back, one lower back) blue velvet chairs in a single afternoon, wood and all. Apprently he hated being left home alone. Geesh!!!!

So anyway that's my happy news, and as soon as I can figure out how I will post her picture. I am so technically inept and it really ticks me off.

I hope all's well in your part of the world. The sun is shining brightly now in mine.

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  1. Chatty, I'm so happy you have Miss Sassy. Love replaces love. It doesn't replace what you lost, it just bring love to help you heal and move on. Wonderful!