Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm BACK>>>>>>Ready or not!

I closed down this blog because time constraints made it too difficult not to. However things have changed somewhat and I decided to try again. I never got many comments on what I did blog but I will remain always; honest, out spoken and opinionated on issues that I feel are important.

I am hoping for more imput this time around but only time will tell. I am hoping also to get many new followers that will at least read this blog. If you are following me know I will also be following you, and probably have something to add.

Today is a rest day, Saturday. Not that I have no edits to do it's just time to do nothing for a day.

My tall, dark and handsome son David just dropped by to pick up his share of the ham salad I made yesterday. You can't get the good stuff here in Vegas for some reason, not like back in the Midwest and East. I make a huge batch ever so often and he loves the stuff.

Oh and by the way I have a new website I just finished... Stop by, give it a glance.

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