Monday, March 8, 2010


As hard as that particular statement is for me to make, I must make it now, and WRONG I was in my last blogging. Several friends dropped by on Sunday evening for a visit and asked to watch the Academy Awards. Well, being a cordial hostess I said, "okay!"

Upon watching the festivities with Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin as the hosts, I found out it wasn't too bad. I like Steve Martin to begin with from the old Saturday Night Live shows. I was impressed that the correct people seemed to be winning awards, the right movie also won and the women both accepting and presenting Oscars looked amazing. Lovely gowns all around and the speeches were quick and uncomplicated for the most part.

That said, I have to say I was devastated to see my all time idol Barbra Streisand looking like an old crow, with the ugliest frock I have ever seen. She looked as if she had gone back into several different times and threw something from each period together. Her outfit was baggy and hidious!! This women has a figure to die for and she was dressed like a sloppy nun. Maybe if she'd have 86'd that jacket?????

Oh well, live and let live. But all in all the Oscars were a glamorous affair and delightful to watch. So this is me eeeaaating my words...burp!

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  1. I like Steve Martin, too. And I love to look at all the fancy gowns--even the unfortunate ones!