Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools' Day

I must admit I have wondered where and when the name of this so called holiday was invented. I am sure it wasn't God when creating the earth. Or maybe it was as he did create man after all, males like Jesse James, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, John Ensen and countless others, and they number in the tens of thousands. Of course to be fair about this, for every slime ball cheater, there are a bevy of mindless, selfish, classless whores ready to offer themselves willingly to these pigs... So who is worse the cheater or the cheatee, (is that even a word?) In my book both should be eliminated from existance using an electric chair, him in the seat, and her,or them as the case may be, on his lap. I admit to being a wild woman in my youth but married men were off limits. I was lucky to have had two good men in my life and neither cheated or when looking (as all men will) they didn't make it an insult by learing at a beautiful woman. I was extremely fortunate and a very good shot, humm, maybe that was the reason for their fidelity. But I digress, my question is do you thnk a cheater deserves a second chance, especially a serial cheater??? Please be honest men and women alike. I am using your answers in a new book; of course complete anonimity is guaranteed.

I am eager to know whether any one played a practical joke on anyone today or had one played on them. I believe the concept of practical jokes is a dying art...

Today I finally cancelled my Facebook account. Good Lord the horror stories I was hearing from writers and other good friends, of hijacked email lists, blogs being misrepresented etc., I figured I had been lucky up to now so I deleted my information. I would rather be safe than sorry and all Facebook does when you've been attacked and trashed is apologize, and say they are working on the problems. WHAT????

Singing here: "So long it's been good to know ya, so long it's been good to know ya.....!"

Another day, another dollar. I hope my ramblings find everyone healthy, happy and wise.

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