Sunday, April 4, 2010

Broken Heart...

Today my sweet little yorkie ROSEE had to be rushed to the emergency vets office where she died. They were able to bring her around once and start tests but the xray showed her lungs were full of fluid and her little heart couldn't take the strain. She was fine yesterday, her regular happy little self and then today all of a sudden her breathing was labored. I have had other pets die, and her sister Reeta is still here with me but ROSEE who turned thirteen on Feb. 9th. was my very special angel since she was eight months old, and I just can't seem to stop crying. . .

My dearest friends on Writers' Voice and Boomer Women Speak I want to thank you for your words of consolati0n and courage. I love each and every one of you so much. I know time helps heal but my loss is too new yet for any healing. My Reeta is also thirteen and I fear I may be experiencing this yet again but God I hope not for a long, long while!

I hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER.

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