Friday, April 30, 2010

May 1st. 2010

It's hard to believe time moves so swiftly, never ending on it's journey to the end of time. Ever wonder when that might be? Ever think you couldn't care less? I was feeling that way today and mentioned it to my good friend Victoria in California, and was surprised to hear her say the same thing. It seems we discussed that both have had exciting full lives, our kids are grown and happy, we've both had a good man that was taken away much to early and both have been successful in our chosen careers.

What with the government we now have running our country I believe it is the beginning of the end as we know it, and it won't be a pretty end either. If things keep going the way these shady politicians want them to go, we will be a third world country begging for scraps. So if the good Lord feels the desire to take me to a better place, so be it. I've pretty much been there, done that. Oh, I don't plan on moping around I still have a novel to finish and other work to do but I am no longer afraid of the end coming. I have made my peace with Him and hope there are dogs in heaven, my dogs especially! Gods blessing!


  1. Sweetie, I'm convinced that there are dogs in heaven and that your Reeta and Rosie are up there waiting for you just like my Muppet is up there waiting for me. And they'll wait as long as it takes and cover us with kisses when we meet again. Til then, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Charleen, it's as if you are in my mind..speaking my thoughts for me...after watching my beloved mother peacefully leave this world and most recently my puppy babies, Trevor and Zeke pass...I am no longer afraid of leaving this lousy world for the next...I can't wait to see those little tails wagging their bottoms off when they meet me at the Pearly Gates...Morbif thoughts? I think not!!! :)