Friday, April 8, 2011


AUNT JEMIMA TO THE RESCUE... Not to long ago a friend was hard boiling some eggs. Just as she reached into the pot to remove one with a spoon, her doorbell rang. She looked away just long enough to dip her hand into the boiling water, she let out a blood curdling scream and dropped the spoon. Her neighbor hearing the scream ran inside and saw her standing there. She saw the steaming hot water and figured out what happened. She shouted; do you have any flour? Crying, she answered back, "yes up in that cabinet." Her neighbor grabbed the flour and placed her hand inside the bag and said, keep it there as she tried comforting her. She began to explain that when her brother was in Viet Nam and got burned they used this method and it worked very well, no pain, no blisters or redness and after just ten minutes. Once they removed her hand it was not red, no blisters or pain. From that day forward she's kept an easy to open container of flour in her refrigerator, it seems cold flour feels even better than room temperature does. The two shared this miracle with us at our next Bunco game and we all keep flour handy now just in case. You can even put a dab on your tongue after having tasted something too hot. Try it next time you or someone you know gets a burn. It's a ten minute miracle. .. > > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> COKE-A-COLA CONTROLA... Do you or someone you know have one of those grease/oil stained driveways that makes your home look like a redneck lives there? Or when the cars not parked in it people step on the stain and track the gunk into your lovely home? Does it make you want to scream because even Tide and boiling water won't get it out? Well, I have the answer and it's easy and cheap. It's coke-a-cola. Simply buy some coke, don't drink it cause if it does what I am about to tell you I don't believe it should be drunk! Open can of coke and dump it out onto the spot, use as many cans as it takes, scrubbing after each can sits there for five minutes. Depending on how bad your spots are, it should take about 1/2 hour per stain. Before using the coke if there is a wet spot, dump some cheap kitty litter onto the spot to soak up the liquid. In fact once clean if the problem leaker is still going to be parked there, keep kitty litter on the spot to catch the leakage.... This really works well!

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