Sunday, April 24, 2011


First of all HAPPY EASTER to all who read this blog...

Just when things seem to be going well you find out your grandson who is just new in the Marine Corp. (raindrop one) and only 20 years old has met someone on Match. com with a child and after only several months goes to the court house and the next call from him he says, "I'm married." (raindrops two.) The kids come home to meet our family. Then head back to Arkansas where he is stationed and she lives. He'd met her relatives at their small wedding. My poor daughter-in-law was beside herself as were we all. Jason has been the baby of our family for all his life to date, and was now married with a stepson of his own, (raindrops three.)

Things seemed to be quieting down and we hoped the raindrops in our lives had stopped, but oh no!!! The thunder began rumbling across the cloudy sky. Jason informed us he was being transferred from stateside to Japan, (raindrops four.)
We all thought well at least it was 'peaceful Japan' where he was going and not Afganistan or Irac. We all told him the many wonderful strories we had heard about the country and even had other service people in the family who had been stationed there and loved it.

So our Jason left for Japan, and NO he couldn't take his new family which wasn't popular with her I'm sure. They got married to be together and the transfer was a 'big' surprise. He would have to send for her later on when he got permission. Plus they added on one year to the end of his enlistment as discipline because he got married without their permission.(raindrops five.)

Jason was in Japan a little better than one week when the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit. Luckily Jason is on an island 1800 miles from Tokyo, so he was not affected by either of the disasters at first but he and his unit have had to be in Tokyo for clean up, and he has had to have a painful OC wash treatment for radiation, (raindrops six and seven.) All our kids are given to wear from the Marines as protective gear are gloves, what's with that Marines?

Jason sent us his picture on Facebook and it showed his terribly swollen, red face, nose and eyes. He was blind for hours afterwards. He looked awful and was in pain from the OC shower. What I don't get is why our kids only get a dam pair of gloves to wear when cleaning up radiation. Again I ask, what's with that Marines???

Last night my grandson came home on an emergency leave to be with his mom who in the meantime of all this going on, has to have her hip replaced. Her leg is literally hanging by tendons. (raindrops eight, nine and growing.) We will all be with her tomorrow, Monday, when she has her third hip operation. Her sons will help take care of her during what could be a lenghty recoverey period. Plus she has "fantastic friends" who love her, and will all lend a hand.

The rain is still falling but now it has turned from drops to a flood, and as my 91 year old wonderfully bright mother always says:

When it rains - It pours!!!

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