Friday, March 25, 2011

Put Some SPRING In Your Step

Well the time is drawing near when the sun will shine upon us nearly all day long. I LOVE Springt!!! Spring's warmer days are perfect for starting an outdoor walking program. Walking is an ideal exercise. It's weight-bearing, so it strengthens bones. It's aerobic, so it improves heart and lung function. And other than the price of a good pair of walking shoes, it's free! So if your doctor says it's okay, it's time to hit the ground walking. Having a walking partner is great but if you don't have one simply change where you walk often to make it more interesting, seeing different scenery and people.

How Far? A good beginners goal is to head out the door, walk 5 to 10 minutes, then head back. The next time walk 10 to 15 minutes increasing the time by 5 minute increments. Focus on how you feel not how far you're walking.

How Fast? Aim to walk a bit faster than normal, as if you were late to an appointment. But slow down if you feel winded. You should have enough breath to be able to keep up a conversation.

How Often? Walking 5 days a week is ideal, but any amount of exercise is beneficial.

Be SAFE! In two ways, first wait until you've walked awhile before stretching so as not to injure muscles. Second, and most importantly; don't walk alone on secluded trails, and always carry a cell phone fully charged. Protect your skin with sunscreen. Wear reflective clothing if you're walking at dawn or dusk. Make sure you kinow where you are and what's around you. And if the weather is uncooperative you can always find a Mall to walk in.

Here's is hoping Spring is good to you. . .

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