Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Special post for SAMMIE SUE

Sammie Sue is an African grey parrot that is one of the smartest and most vocal birds I know but she sometimes isn't kind to her loving owners Dianne and David Schwartz. Recently she was in a foul mood for some reason, no one knows why because she is a spoiled princess in her home. Anyway when Dianne tried to pick her up on this particular day she acted out and bit poor Diannes fingers. When reading about this on Sammies Facebook and then on her website I wrote her a comment. I told her she was very bad, and I had a joke that might work to teach her a lesson. I didn't want to take up too much space, but leave room for other comments, so I decided to write it here for Sammie to come and read... Here goes!

A lovely older woman on her way to work passed the same Pet Shop daily. One day there was a huge cage sitting out in the shade and inside was a beautiful parrot. She stopped and told the parrot how beautiful he was. With that the bird squaked and out of his mouth came a dozen swear words #@$%(*& and then told the woman she was an ugly, fat cow. "Well," said the woman and hurried on by. By the time she arrived at work she had cooled off and began to feel sorry for the bird wondering who had taught it such language.

The same thing happened three days in a row, same bird behavior and same rushing by, by the woman. For a week the woman got a ride from a friend so didn't see the parrot. Once her friend wasn't going in her direction she again had to walk. As she approached the Pet Store, no cage or parrot. She went inside to inquire as to the situation. The owner said, "oh, dam bird insulted so many folks I had to remove it, I'll never be able to sell it anyway with that filthy mouth."
The woman said, "maybe I could buy it and retrain it to speak pleasantly."
The man said, "lady if you want it you can have it and I'll throw in the cage and deliver it too." They shook on it...
The following Saturday the Pet Shop owner delivered the bird and cage to the womans home.

Three months passed and everyday the poor woman would try for hours to get the parrot to speak kindly to her, and each day he swore and called her names. When she had friends over they had to sit out on the front stoop or the parrot cursed them too. Finally even the kind woman was losing her patience and on a Sunday after she returned home from church she tried singing a lovely hymm to the bird who began swearing up a storm. That being the last straw the woman reachecd into the the cage, grabbed the startled bird, opened up the freezer door and tossed the parrot inside among the other meats. After about 5 minutes the woman heard pitiful squaking and muffled words coming from her freezer. She opened the door to find the parrot shivering as he pleaded with her to get him out of here, and promising to never swear or call her names again.
She reached inside and took him out setting him on the kitchen table, saying sternly, "if you ever do; right back into the freezer you'll go, and maybe for good!" The bird climbed onto her arm as she walked into the living room and put him into his cage. She said, "remember what you promised bird!"

Later on that evening as she was covering the parrots cage he said, beautiful, kind lady may I ask one question that has been bothering me?"
She answered, "yes of course, what is it that has been bothering you?"
The parrot replied, could you please tell me. . . . . . .

What did that chicken do???

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By the way to everyone who follows my blog, a THANK YOU you, and wish for a:

Happy St. Patricks Day
and may the wind always be at your back!!

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