Friday, August 27, 2010


I found this very interesting when learning about it in Consumer Tips...and I decided to pass it along. . .

It began, you may be rich and not even know it, (yeah sure) but I read on anyway. There is nearly $33 billoin in unclaimed property, including stocks, uncashed checks, insurance policies, CDs, trust funds, utility deposits, and escrow accounts that are waiting for someone to claim each and every one of them. It could be you. Sure as heck ain't me!! All you need is proof the money belongs to you! (I knew there was a catch!)

Where do you start your inquiry you ask? Two websites get the ball rolling and they are free of charge. and both of which are endorsed by The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administration, (wow, quite a mouthful!) Just type in your NAME and STATE to see if you have money owed to you. It could be worth your time. . .

A person in St. Louis who lost track of stock holdings recovered $1.6 million. This is not the only success story either, in 2006, $1.75 billion was returned to it's rightful owners from 1.9 million different accounts.

The law requires companies to send unclaimed funds from inactive accounts to the state of the owners last known address, so check other states if you have moved. Claims can be made into perpetuity, even by heirs. The information on line is refreshed monthly.

Log on today to see if any money is owed to you. Your piggy bank just might thank you. Oh, and if you do find treasure because of this blog, I accept any and all size finders fee's and gifts!

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  1. Chatty,
    If I'd found any treasure, I surely would've shared it with you. But no luck. Sorry babe.
    Hope someone finds extra cash and shares it with you. This is a great tip!