Friday, November 19, 2010


I am extremely ticked off and frightened at the same time. I was taught by my father and other men I respect that when our Government starts trying to grow larger than WE THE PEOPLE by controling the food, the guns and the jobs thats when we become a nation run by a dictator. Recently I received several petitions to sigh to try and stop this corrupt O'Bama government from making anyone owning firearms have to report it on their income tax returns from now on. This would have to be done in order to keep from being fined, have your guns consficated and even do some possible jail time. Also the bill stipulates, they, whoever they are, have the right to enter our homes uninvited to make sure we keep our guns child safe, and if not the same punishments apply. Reminds me of old Communist Russia with Big Brother watching...

Now as bad as that is there is even a worse bill trying to be slid past the Congress/Senate by guess who??? Big ears, he lies alot? You got it!!!! This law seems to have been past recently in Europe but not to such a degree as ours would be. It is called "Criminalizing Gardening." If you go to my Facebook page under Charleen Micheles and click the picture under this topic the entire ridiculous/disgusting article can be read. It is another example of 'follow the money.' Todays supplements and natural healing have become frighteningly popular because they are inexpensive and work. The big drug companies are terrified because we aren't falling for their hipe and not depending on their dangerous/poisonous drugs. People wanting to eat healthier are gardening and growing organic, natural healthy vegetables. In this bill they even have a paragraph that if you should save seeds and get caught it is punishable the same as if you were selling drugs. Can you imagine that??? Anyhow read the article and sigh the petition if you can...

Besides having to buy O'Bama Care where does that leave us if they decides we all need to ride bicycles, or live without air-conditioning, the examples are endless, and all things we in this country have earned and yes, take for granted.?? Sound ridiculous? Well think again. Dictators are some of the most dangerous people around and we don't need one in these United States. I can't believe what is in some of the bills he and his co-conspiritors are trying to sneak by us and our new representatives on Capitol hill. So please pay attention and if interested in our future read the article on Crimilinizing Gardening as an example of insanity run wild.


  1. Chatty,
    I was in here yesterday, but ran out of time.
    I can't believe America would stand for such
    nonsense. These riders they're trying to push
    through, are crazy!

  2. They're developing seeds that won't regenerate year after year meaning, the farmers will have to buy new seeds every year taking a big chunk out of their profits. One company will have the monopoly on the seeds too.

    In a way, I'm glad I'm getting old because I don't think I want to be around to see what the world will be like when my great grandchildren are adults.

  3. Funny you should say that Dianne. I always wanted to live to a ripe old age myself, now 70, but these last couple years with all the political nonsense I am glad my sons are both grown and If I should die sooner rather than later, I believe whatever I might encounter is better than what this dictator O'Bama has planned for all us seniors. I was taught in
    Catholic school the devil would reappear on earth and try dragging us down, taking over. Well he is here, and his name is O'BAMA!!!