Saturday, October 9, 2010



Ever since I can remember I have wanted and needed to lose 15 pounds. After I married and had two kids the weight became easier to gain and harder to lose. I did all the popoular diets and invented several of my own until finally realizing I simply had to eat less and move more. Sounds easy right? Well, it isn't. I love food! I never drank alcohol or smoked and eating was an adventure to me. I also love to cook and am an excellent cook. I would gain 20 pounds, and then lose it, and gain it back again, and lose it, it was a vicious circle always leaving me fat.

All his young life my son had bouts with broncitis and suffered so. Every time the seasons in Chicago changed, he got sick. The horrid winters were a real problem. I was told that he needed to be in a hot, dry climate or he might not live through another bad cold season. So in the 1970's we moved to the desert here in Nevada. I am happy to report his lungs cleared nicely and with a proper diet and supplements he thrived...and still does today.

The down side to all this is Vegas has more restaurants and fabulous chefs than you can count. In my job working on the strip I met many famous entertainers, and was always invited and going to parties where fantastic dishes were served, and I loved eating the foods. Plus I got comped at so many Casino restaurants I was always eating rich delicious foods, all for free. Thus my 20 extra pounds began to creep up way past 50...yikes!!!

Enough about that but allow me to give you the answer to eating good, delicious foods and still eating to lose weight, and then how to maintain the pounds lost, like I have...

Consider how the Mediterranian Eating Plan has been established to promote lifelong good health and lower the risk of both heart disease and cancer. It is far more than a diet, it is a lifestyle...

Main ingredients of the Mediterranian diet include:
*Eating small portions of nuts, 'All' nuts but walnuts, almonds, pecans and brazil nuts are best (a handful only.)
*Consuming very little red meats.
*Eat fish or shellfish at least twice a week, (not fried.)
*Eating generous amounts of fruits and vegetables daily.
*Consuming healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and canola oil.
*Using herbs and spices to flavor foods instead of salt (we only need 1/2 tsp. of salt a day)
*Drinking wine in moderation.
*Enjoying yogurt and small portions of cheese daily.
* Eat a good 7 to 9 grain bread, 2 slices a day.

Changing to a Mediterranian diet is much easier than you'd think, it takes just a few diet swaps.
*Regularily exercising ( I simply walk and bike ride. ) And as often as possible, enjoy meals with family and friends.
Good luck and bon' a petite!


  1. My mom lost weight using that plan too. Much healthier than the Atkins Diet.

  2. If only it didn't say wine in moderation, I would have a perfect diet!!