Wednesday, June 9, 2010


How many charitable organizations do you think print and send out address labels, calendars etc. saying with these unasked for items, Thanks for your Donation!! If they just sent out a postcard asking for a donation it wouldn't cost nearly as much and most people I know, and that includes me, would send them something BUT when they send all this stuff no one even wants, with all their sad stories and reasons we need to give, and spending God know how much of the money meant for the children or other disease cures, it really ticks me off. Can you imagine what it costs to print the hundred of thousands of labels and all the wasted paper to write and try to guilt us into giving?

I for one open the envelope but unless there is a stamped self addressed envelope inside I toss the entire mess. If however there is a prepaid envelope inside I fold everything sent to me and stuff it into the envelope with a note saying: Stop bothering me... Then throw it in the mailbox to go right back from whence it came. Hoping this gets me off their list.

I happily give to certain charities every year with no coaxing what-so-ever or bribes. Thats what I think is right. If these so called chariteis begging for money and spending it as fast as they get it by sending out worthless crap would stop the process, maybe they could/would do some good for those needing the donations.

Maybe it's just me but this has been building for sometime now and I felt it needed to be said. I am not heartless in any form. I help whoever I can whenever I can and ask for nothing in return. And I can buy my own labels and calendars too.

I wonder what the salarys are for these people sitting around thinking up ways to drag donations from people, maybe they need to clean house and get rid of the dead weight and their salaries!!

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  1. I'm with you on this. I am constantly getting stickers and notepads and all kinds of other paper goods at my address, in my Dad's name. My Dad passed almost 4 years ago. These things are all a useless waste of money that could have been used to help the charity that sends them out.

  2. Same here...notepads, greeting cards, and sometimes even book bags. What a waste of funds that could have been used to save animals or feed the hungry.

  3. Agree and here's another thing. They can try and convince me all day long that they DON'T sell their mailing list. Bawwwhahahah...and I'll be on Oprah next month. The postcards are a great idea, Chats. You should be in charge!

  4. I agree! By eating MUFAs with a meal is another way that is being touted as a way to keep your belly flat. (Eating small amounts of oils, nuts, chocolate, etc with every meal).

  5. All I know is that the MUFA'S really work, are delicious, healthy and flatten the belly. Anyone wanting a one page list of these miracle foods, call up: and he'll send it to your computer FREE of charge...

  6. Small amount of chocolate? No such thing for me!! But I do agree about the charity thing. I write back and tell them take me off my list. I can't ever move from here as I have enough address labels to last until I die; if I move, I'll have to start over. :)

  7. That's funny Ruth and I feel the same way. I have enough labels to be dead 50 years and still be sending mail. Until I started sending it all back to them, every bit in the pre-paid envelopes they supplied (that means they had to pay postage again) thats when some of it ended.